Incense Holder

Find your balance.

Designed to elevate the experience of burning incense and take pride of place in your home. Encouraging positive habits to disconnect and find your balance.

Each order comes with an incense holder (in dark or light stone) , solid brass ball, 2 Japanese incense sticks (Shoyeido moss garden), bespoke plastic free packaging.



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Find your balance.

I’m sure we can all agree that we should be taking more breaks in our busy lives. It’s too easy to simply power on, not take breaks and get the balance wrong. Taking breaks can actually increase productivity. 

Burning incense introduces a natural pause – a fixed timeframe – that encourages us to disconnect and reflect. Designed to be as tactile as possible, IKAGAI encourages you to develop a positive habit/routine and take control.  

Incense dates back beyond the Egyptians – and for good reason. Incense can be associated to many benefits including:

promote relaxation
deepen concentration
enhance creativity
starting a new routine
setting a timer
practice mindfulness

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Made In House

As a designer that is very hands on, I have spent years building and refining my workshop with the ambition of one day being capable of producing products for sale in house that meet my high standards. This is the first product that is made 100% in house (my house!).


Making has always been an escape… a form of mindfulness. Bringing this product to life and producing it in small batches with total control over each element is a joy.


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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 4.5 × 3 cm

Dark, Light


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