A rising tide lifts all boats

A new approach to launching my products, right here with your help.

What is Crowdfunding?

Definition: the practice of funding a project by raising money from a large number of people, typically via the internet.

Crowdfunding will enable me to launch products I wouldn’t otherwise have the funds to launch myself. In return for helping me to launch a product, you get:


The best price I will ever sell this product for (typically -35-45% off!)


Behind the scenes access to the production journey

A rising tide lifts all boats – the more I can grow this approach, the more I can bring into the world and the more value I can offer early backers through discounts for helping me on my journey. Lets get a few boats out to sea.

How does it work?

I share fully developed production ready concepts here on the website and offer a significant discount to allow me to get it into production. 

Each product will show the discounted price as well as the number of backers needed to bring the product to life – along with the total number of current backers. 

The discount is limited to the first backers and is capped at the backer target listed on each product.

See a concept on my website you like? Back it by signing up on the page

You’re signed up! No money will be taken.


Wait until the product hits its target.

Once the target is hit, you will receive an email to collect the funds


Production starts – you will be provided with behind the scenes access to production updates so that you can follow the journey of bringing a product to market


Receive your product

Why not Kickstarter?

Having launched my first product through kickstarter – I have a huge appreciation for what kickstarter can offer. It has a huge reach and with the right approach can seriously kickstart a business. It did exactly that for me. 

The challenge with kickstarter is that it’s mature and is largely now used by larger businesses as a means for pre-sales instead of small businesses trying to launch something that would otherwise not be possible to launch. As a result, it’s a highly competitive platform and unless you raise your full funding in the first 48 hours, your chances of getting fully funded drop significantly. This places a huge amount of pressure on a campaign and takes a lot of effort before launching to ensure success. 

If I were to launch all of my products through kickstarter, it would be 5 years before I launch the products I have currently in the pipeline. I’d much rather invest my time in developing high quality products and experiences than in developing campaigns. 

As a result, I’m testing the water with this new approach. I accept I am reducing my reach but this is a long term project and I am hoping that across the years people like you buy into what I am doing and want to support me on this journey 🙂