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Set of two
7oz (200ml) coffee cup

(80mm diameter x 84mm height)


Perfect for your everyday cup of coffee (or tea!). The ribbed design ensures your beverage stays hot, without being too hot to hold. As everything else in our lives is designed to be fast and frictionless – this cup, through its attention to detail, premium materials and craftsmanship encourages you to take time to make and enjoy your coffee (or tea!) – by highlighting experiences in everyday life that are often missed.

Taking inspiration from the modernest architecture at Gray’s School of Art (my workplace) and the external steel skeleton, this design pushes the limits on what is possible with a commercially produced ceramic object with its sculpted ribs. Having always had an appreciation for Japanese culture and design, this mug doesn’t feature a handle and takes its form form from the Japanese Yunomi – a tall form of Japanese teacup used for less formal, everyday tea drinking.

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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8.4 cm

single, two, four


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